Friday, July 27, 2012

Raya Cookies 2012

I know I am the last maybe to update this... been very busy with things... ,

However, we present to you...


To all our loyal customers, below are the available cookies this year.. and the price too...

kindly place your order before 10th August 2012 to

Almond slice
M = RM28 (approx: 500grms)
L = RM52(approx: 1kg)

Choc chip cookies
S = RM22(approx : 300grm)
M = RM27(approx: 500grm)
L = RM 50 (approx: 1kg)

Cornflakes Rocher
M = RM22(approx: 50 pcs)
L = RM43 (approx: 100pcs)

Almond London (almond is full, not cut into half)
M = RM25
(approx: 50 pcs)
L = RM45
(approx: 100pcs)

Tart nenas gulung
M = RM26
(approx: 50 pcs)
L = RM50
(approx: 100pcs)