Thursday, September 13, 2007

Raya cookies for sale

Due to some queries that I receive on the delivery or self-pick up points..
Self- pick up points will be at Menara TM area, Bangsar, or Mid Valley.

However, we also offer delivery for the cookies at below area:
Pantai Dalam, Pantai Baharu, Bangsar, Jalan Travers.
PJ, Kelana Jaya, Subang Jaya.
Keramat, Ulu Kelang, Melawati, Permata

For areas not listed above, kindly email me at so we could arrange something for you... and we could discuss on the delivery.


As usual, every year I'll be helping my sister in law to sell the Raya Cookies.

Sorry to announce that there are slight price increase(RM0.50 to RM1), as we've been selling for the same price for 3 years, and due to harga barang seme naik, we've got the adjust the price accordingly to maintain the quality.

Orders can be made from now and last order taken will be on 28th of Sept 2007
So, why wait? Order now by leaving comment or send ur order to my email ,

Selection of cookies and price as shown below:

Flower tart 50pcs = RM20 ; 100pcs = RM38

Almond wrap 50pcs = RM25 ; 100pcs = RM48

Choc chip cookies 0.5kg = RM22 ; 100pcs = RM41

Cornflakes Rocher 50pcs(S) = RM16 ; 90pcs(L) = RM27

Biskut kacang rangup 50pcs = RM15 ; 100pcs = RM29

Tart nenas gulung 50pcs = RM19 ; 100pcs = RM36

Almond London (almond is full, not cut into half) 50pcs = RM20 ; 100pcs = RM38

Almond slice 0.5kg = RM22 ; 1kg = RM43


Laydiefa Raiza said...

hoo!! better pictures this time! me like!

...$weE+ 666... said...

wow! menyelerakan sunggoh! ok, zz nak order ni...

1) choc chip cookies 100pcs = RM41
2) cornflakes rocher 100pcs -RM30
total = RM71

sbenarnyer, zz pun bisnes kuih raya gak... hehehe... tp nak rasa air tangan lenny. tu yg order tu... hehehe...

Lace&Beads said...

delivery or pick up point ?
i stayed in KL, Keramat

MummyHanis said...

yg rocher tu nampak sedap je.. ade sample x? :P

Lenny said...

hanis: mmg sedap.. alya sendiri pon tak abis2 makan... sample ada.. u nak ke? tp camner i nak pass kat u erk?

leez said...

Flower tart tu tengah2 dia chocolate chip ke? Sedap tak? Yg cornflakes rocher tu kalau 100pcs RM30 kan? Boleh deliver tak kat Jln Kg Attap?

Lenny said...

leez: flower tart tuh.. tgh dier choc yg dicairkan... cornflake rocher takder 100pcs.. ada 90 pcs .. kalau u nak 100... u amik 50-50 lah.. that cost 16x2 = 32.

Kg attap? yes... can be arranged

let me know cepat ye...

aidanurzeti said...

hi lenny..

kuih mane yg paling sedap sekali

Lenny said...

aida : if u ask me.. i like cornflake rocher, choc chip cookies, almond slice and tart... itu my fav... yumyum...

Anonymous said...

Almond London :-O