Tuesday, November 6, 2007

New Briolite Diamond Heart cut Tennis Bracelet


- I am having difficulties to describe this tennis bracelet coz I couldn't find the words to describe how stunning this bracelet is.

- You really got to see it and definitely you'll fall in love with it.

- This 16.34 carat Heart Cut Briolite Tennis Bracelet is definate to bring you the glamourous, and you'll definitely love it!!

- Comes with a gift box and certificate

- Product details as per below:

- Selling at only RM 499 ( I accept 2 times Payment ) and if you pay one time the shipping cost is FREE!

- Hurry, email me at chomells@gmail.com for payment details.


Maggie said...

hi, are you still selling that bracelet. im in love with it. also where did you find it??

Lenny said...

hi maggie,

yes i still have another pair.. let me know if you're interested ya...
you can email me at chomells@gmail.com

it was bought at the US.