Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sale.. sale.. sale!!! @ up4sale store....

Hi Peeps...

I would like to make an announcement to all my customers out there,
I am clearing up some stocks...

So here's the good news... all AVAILABLE items posted before 01 Nov 2008, there will be discounts on each items. To know the new price for each items, please email me ASAP... as you all know.. our term is... First come first serve!

To help you select your item, I made new category/label under AVAILABLE.

So...Hurry up... offer valid until 15 Nov 2008!!!! If you purchase before 15 Nov, all shipping cost will be waived... andddd..... trust me, the price is really2 good and you'll feel like buying almost everything!

So my readers, why wait?? email me today at !!!

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