Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Victoria Secret : Pure Seduction Mini Bag Set


Well, well... I got to say this set is a steal!!

Consists of:

# 6"x31/2" and 3"deep victoria's secret make up bag
# 1-1.7 oz hydrating pure seduction body lotion
# 1-1.7 oz refreshing pure seduction body Mist
# 1-1.7 oz exhilarating pure seduction body wash
# The makeup case comes with a gold toned metal 'Victoria Secret' logo on the bottom left hand corner of the bag.
# Opened, it has 2 tiny compartment for those hard to find items :)
# Comes with 2 handle zip

Hurry, grab now. Selling for only RM150.. I told you it's a steal right?

So, email me today at

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