Monday, August 23, 2010

Raya Cookies 2010 for sale!

Syawal will be here soon, and I've been getting emails on the raya cookies.

I believe, I'll be the last to update about raya cookies, since others has already upload this a month before Ramadhan..:D

To all our loyal customers, below are the available cookies this year.. and the price too...

kindly place your order before end of August to

Almond slice M = RM25 ; L = RM48

Choc chip cookies S = RM20 ; M = RM25 ; L = RM 48

Cornflakes Rocher M = RM20 ; L = RM40

Almond London (almond is full, not cut into half) M = RM22 ; L = RM42

Biskut kacang rangup S = RM14 ; M = RM19 ; L = RM33

Tart nenas gulung M = RM23 ; L = RM45


...$weE+ 666... said...

...lenn, zz nak order spt berikut k: -

1) cornflakes rocher - L=RM40 x 1
2) choc chip cookies - L=RM48 x 3

bila lenn deliver ek???

Lenny said...

zizie: malam raya.. aci kah? lenn raya Ulu Kelang...

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melocoton said...

oh my. they ALL look delicious!