Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Raya Cookies 2011

As usuals, here's our All-time-Fav product, and special for Hari Raya,


To all our loyal customers, below are the available cookies this year.. and the price too...

kindly place your order before 17 August 2011 to chomells@gmail.com

Almond slice
M = RM27 (approx: 500grms)
L = RM50(approx: 1kg)

Choc chip cookies
S = RM22(approx : 300grm)
M = RM27(approx: 500grm)
L = RM 50 (approx: 1kg)

Cornflakes Rocher
M = RM21(approx: 50 pcs)
L = RM42 (approx: 100pcs)

Almond London (almond is full, not cut into half)
M = RM25
(approx: 50 pcs)
L = RM45
(approx: 100pcs)

Tart nenas gulung
M = RM25
(approx: 50 pcs)
L = RM45
(approx: 100pcs)

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