Monday, September 1, 2008

Raya cookies for sale 2008!!!

It's ramadhan again and soon we will be celebrating Syawal..

As usual, I'll be selling some cookies for Hari Raya..

As all of you are aware of the price hike on all products,
we are also sorry to inform that we just got to increase our price on the cookies due to price hike on almost all of the ingredients... to maintain the quality.

Quality is our key.. and to maintain quality, all ingredients will be selected carefully and at highest quality..

I would also like to thank all our loyal customers.. for trusting our products for all these years...

Pick ups points

- Self- pick up points will be at Menara TM area, Bangsar, or Mid Valley.

- However, we also offer delivery for the cookies at below area:
Pantai Dalam, Pantai Baharu, Bangsar, Jalan Travers.
PJ, Kelana Jaya, Subang Jaya.
Keramat, Ulu Kelang, Melawati, Permata

- For areas not listed above, kindly email me at so we could arrange something for you... and we could discuss on the delivery.

Orders are open until 19 Sept 2008.. Kindly place your order by leaving comments and your contact details, or email me at

Happy Ramadhan!!!


Almond slice M = RM24 ; L = RM45

Choc chip cookies S = RM18 ; M = RM24 ; L = RM 44

Cornflakes Rocher S = RM13 ; M = RM17 ; L = RM30

Almond London (almond is full, not cut into half) M = RM22 ; L = RM40

Biskut kacang rangup S = RM13 ; M = RM18 ; L = RM31

Tart nenas gulung M = RM21 ; L = RM39


Zuhaini said...

uih.. saya berkenan Cornflake Rocher tu la.. tp macm saiz M tu kan.. berapa biji ye..? leh pos tak kat opis kami kat Bukit Kiara nih..?

Lenny said...

zuhaini : i inform kt YM yah?

aisyah said...

i looike the biskut kacang. How much is S, M, L size tu? and kalau delivery tu ada extra charge ke?

Lenny said...

aisyah: for the biskut kacang, S about 25-30, M about 45-50, L is about 95-100. For delivery.. depends on location...ada yg takder delivery charges, and ada yg kene.. but minimal lah.. pls email me at for further detail ya? tq dear!

The Sometimes Speechless :) said...

Leny, takde sample ke? Semuanya nampak begitu lazatsssss sekali.

Lenny said...

the sometime speechless: erm.. boleh diuruskan samplenyer... silalah email.. nanti i bgtau camne nak rasa sample

Anonymous said...

more details about your raya cookies, size S, M and L. what different? Tq

lenny said...

S M L is the size of the packaging.
kirenya.. size balang lah.. S is half of M, M is half of L..

lebih kurang begitu lah..
kalau nak tau lebih lanjut boleh email saya at

thank you.

Anonymous said...

kak lenny,

kita ada sms awak nak 3 medium cornflake rocher. Kalau boleh bagi 25hb september. 26hb tu ok gak tu kira last day keja..hehe. 2 tu kawan kita nak and 1 kita punya..


lenny said...

intan: roger.. order anda diterima...

thanks intan!